The Mariposa Newsletter

Santa Margarita Lake  
Grey Pine: 3.3 miles one-way to Vaca Flat, moderate, muliti-use
Lakeside: (unmarked)1.5 miles, dirt road along lake shore from Marina to White Oak, easy, multi-use
Blinn: 9.2 miles one-way (out and back mandatory), moderate to strenuous, multi-use
Sapwi: spur off Blinn after 3.4 miles, accessing Khus Camp (1 mile) and Sapwi Camp (2 miles), moderate, multi-use
Sandstone: 2.7 miles one-way (out and back mandatory), moderate to strenuous, multi-use
East River Road (Staging area for Blinn & Sandstone): 10 miles east of Santa Margarita Lake
Rocky: 1.8 miles one-way (out and back mandatory), moderate to strenuous, multi-use
Lopez Lake  
Marina: 0.4 miles, moderate, hiking, biking
Rocky Point: 0.4 miles, easy, hiking
Blackberry Springs: 0.8 miles, moderate, self-guided interpretive, hiking
High Ridge: 2.3 miles, strenuous, multi-use
Wittenberg Arm: 1 mile, easy, multi-use
Duna Vista: 7.2 miles, moderate hike, multi-use, a local favorite to hiker, mountain bikers and equestrians. Scenic oak woodland, great views of the lake, surrounding mountain rangers and valleys and don't forget the scenic overlook with a glimpse of the ocean.
Tuouski: 1.8 miles, moderate, hiking
Turkey Ridge: 0.8 miles, strenuous, hiking
Hi Mountain: 7 miles, moderate to strenuous, multi-use (two miles east of Lopez Lake on Hi Mountain Road)
El Chorro Regional Park  
El Chorro’s trails range from the scenic views on Eagle Rock to the cool riparian area along Dairy Creek, all in a beautiful setting of coast live oaks and seasonal wildflowers.
Oak Woodland: 1.5 miles, moderate, hiking only
Eagle Rock: 0.7 miles, strenuous, hiking
Heilmann Regional Park Blue Oak: 1.3 mile path around park perimeter, hiking and biking only
  Jim Green: 1.7 miles, moderate, mulit-use
Open Space Trails  
Bob Jones City to the Sea Bikeway: 1.0 miles from the Ontario Road Staging Area to San Luis Bay Drive
Bishop Peak  
Bishop Peak: 4.0 miles round-trip, moderate hiking to the top of Bishop Peak accessible from Patricia Avenue in San Luis Obispo
Felsman Loop: 1.7 round trip, easy to moderate, trailhead at accessible from Patricia Avenue in San Luis Obispo
Nipomo Area Mesa Meadows Trail:
  Callender Grove Trail:
  Knollwood Trail:

Also check out the Prescription Trails Program at

If you have any questions regarding trail use please contact Parks Staff at the following locations
Lopez Lake Recreation Area - 805.788.2381
Santa Margarita Lake Recreation & Natural Area - 805.781.2397

Some trail maps available on the San Luis Obispo Parks Open Space & Trails Foundation (SLOPOST) website at www.slopost.or/trails.html

Last Revised: July 22,2013